Too Much MagazineAlexis Carballosa Fashion Designer

Carballosa, one of the pioneers of the "EcoFashion" movement. He has always been interested in confection & art as a whole, as a result, he developed an environmental campaign based in the creation of his own clothing line accessorized with recycled materials that has caused a great and positive impact in all audiences throughout the world.

  • . “What inspires your designs?
    They are the result of all my concerns about the ecological problems in the world. That special moment where my muse makes love with my creativity to deliver a wearable art message to the world.

    A favorite place in the world?
    India, it is magical, a place of exotic contrasts and fascinating history.

    Who do you admire?
    John Galliano, for making of his controversial and eccentric style a fashion empire. He is a great example to those new talents trying to have their own successful business out there.

    The day or the evening?
    The day for its activity and the meaning of a new beginning, the night for its quietness and darkness, they're both necessary.

    A thought that describes you?
    Behave and act as if it was impossible to fail (Winston Churchill)

    Your hobbie?
    To travel around the world, interact with people from all race, religion, culture and research their behavior, that to me, is simply fascinating...

    When did your passion for painting start?
    I've always been an art & fashion fan. Over time, I have been studying new techniques that allowed me to get involved in variety of artistic circles.

    How often do you paint?
    Whenever my time off allows me to do so, depending on my muse, most of my time is fully dedicated to my clients and my clothing line.

    What is the first thing you look at in the morning?
    The sea... I am so great full to have it right in front of my window and enjoy it daily, I never take it for granted.

    Do you believe in love?
    No doubt about it... Love is, innocence, positivity and that special key that keeps us alive.

    Your life in a movie set?
    It would be more than a film, instead, a non rehearsed theatre play where at the end of the show, I feel the realization that the hard work has been paid off by the spectator's satisfaction.

    How do you define your style?
    Carballosa.... that's my style!

    The best opportunity?
    Being alive, learning and growing every single day for a much better future.

    A message?
    Do not wait until tomorrow... it might not come by, be part of the change, act positively, recycle, reuse, reactivate and help to create green awareness through anything you love doing the most.

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