Carballosa is a high end fashion brand established in the United States. It is focused on the design and creation of haut couture clothing which is meticulously constructed in Carballosa's Miami atelier.

Carballosa has found overwhelming success in the last few years and has a network of clients spanning Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Latin America. The brand has been featured on red carpets around the world, including Cannes Film Festival and the Latin Billboards, as well as various publications such as Vogue Spain and Vanity Fair.

Designer Alexis Carballosa's understanding and love for high fashion comes from his grandmother, who had a passion for design. She designed clothes for a demanding and exclusive clientele in Caracas, Venezuela. Alexis Carballosa has been perfecting techniques passed down by his grandmother in order to allow him to dress the avant-garde, modern, and daring women of today.

The international world has served as a muse, inspiring the artistic point-of-view of this brand. Carballosa seeks to balance the fusion of Latin American exuberance and joie de vivre with European refinement. There is also a strong message of conservation that runs through the brand. All of the accessories created by Carballosa are made from repurposed materials that are transformed into ethereal and whimsical designs.

At present, Carballosa is focused on using its astute and established point-of-view to bring about solid ideas to create avant-garde pieces that are timeless and forever treasured by their owners across the world.

  • "Transforming the composition of conscientiousness into sensuality & extravagance."